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One Green US

One Green US solution products are truly GREEN! 

Totally Non-Toxic Biodegradable Solution.

Our formulations consist of selected water, botanical plant-based and mineral 

Biodegradable Solution

Hygiene and Disinfection

effectively kill 99.99% of bacterial, S.Aureus, P.Aeruginosa, E hirac, E.coli

Does not contain hazardous materials

Environmentally Friendly

Ocean, Sewage system and Septic safe products

Toxicity and Effectiveness Test by approved laboratories

Waste Classification

Contains no materials listed in 40CFR 261.33 Does not meet RCRA* characteristics definition of ignitability, corrosively or reactivity.

Product Not Hazardous Chemical Under 29CFR* 1910 Section

NMFC Freight Class: does not contain a chemical which is safe to transport and environment