Professional Electronic Cleaner

Professional Electronic Cleaner

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Professional Electronics Cleaner

Micro Mist Sprayer, pocket size bottle 10 ml

Non-flammable, Fast drying and leaves no residue. Easily Removes Oil, Grease, Flux Residue, dirt and other contaminants from electrical machinery.  Safe on plastics and metal.


Is the perfect solution to safely and effectively removing fingerprints, smudges, dirt, and dust from screen surfaces.

• Made with plant-derived mineral extracts

• Biodegradable.

• Not Enzyme-based, no Bleach, Ammonia 

• Naturally derived. Water soluble.

• Non-Chlorinated.

• Hypo-allergenic and non-caustic.

• Non-toxic: Safer for humans, animals and the environment.

• Ocean, Sewage System and Septic Safe.

• Non-flammable (DOT: Non-hazardous).



Never wipe or clean your smartphone screen with paper towels, facial tissues, or coarse cloths, as these have a high risk of scratching the surface. These scratches can build up over time and may render your touchscreen non-responsive or useless down the line. Again, a microfiber cloth is the only type of wipe you need to clean a smartphone’s screen the correct way.