Coffee Cleaner 16 oz

Coffee Cleaner 16 oz

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Biodegradable, no petroleum solvents

Hypo-allergenic and non-caustic. Non-toxic: Safer for humans.

Spray on coffee stain, grease or dirt wait for 30 seconds or so, wipe and clean.

Dissolves and removes dirt and oil with or without using soap.

just spray on the surface or use a wet wipe and dry with paper towel.

Strong and unscented.


Combo sprayer,  Foam / Spray  16 oz Bottle


• Made with plant-derived mineral extracts

• Biodegradable.

• Not Enzyme-based, no Bleach, Ammonia 

• Naturally derived. Water soluble.

• Non-Chlorinated.

• Hypo-allergenic and non-caustic.

• Non-toxic: Safer for humans, animals and the environment.

• Ocean, Sewage System and Septic Safe.

• Non-flammable (DOT: Non-hazardous).